Hans Blix is awarded the Swedish Nuclear Society Honorary Prize

The Swedish Nuclear Society Honorary Prize is awarded the former Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Dr. Hans Blix. The award will be presented to Dr. Blix during the annual Swedish nuclear energy summit arranged on Jan 24-25 by the Swedish Energy Research Centre at the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences in Stockholm.

Hans Blix is awarded the prize for his devoted efforts of advocating a sustainable energy system and nuclear power as a crucial part of it, as well as for his long and strong leadership of the IAEA (1981–1997). During this period, he supported the coordination and foundation of the international fundaments for nuclear safety regulations and safeguards agreements following the TMI and Chernobyl accidents. After his time at the IAEA, Blix was appointed chairman of the United Nations’ commission for inspections of weapons of mass destruction, UNMOVIC, where he with outstanding personal integrity and courage stood up for scientific credibility against the strong political pressures by many powerful nations.

Hans Blix has for five decades been an important voice for spreading knowledge regarding the peaceful use of nuclear technology and non-proliferation and he has participated extensively in debates about these topics both nationally and globally. His inexhaustible willingness to encourage young professionals has inspired a new generation of nuclear specialists and through his lifelong achievements, Hans Blix has become one of the world’s most appreciated and respected authorities in nuclear power and non-proliferation.


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