WNA Director General Agneta Rising is awarded the Swedish Nuclear Society Honorary Prize

The Swedish Nuclear Society Honorary Prize has been awarded the World Nuclear Association Director General Agneta Rising. The announcement was made during an annual Swedish nuclear energy summit arranged on Jan 19-20 by the Swedish Energy Research Centre at the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences in Stockholm. Agneta Rising is awarded this prize due to her outstanding contributions to creating a fairer picture of the multi-faced nuclear aspects and thus contributed to the development of nuclear understanding and support world-wide.
Through her extensive academic and professional background, she has in an educational way succeeded in killing many myths and misunderstandings in this area. Through her commitment, she has won the respect of various organizations where she has contributed, such as Women in Nuclear, European Nuclear Society, Swedish Nuclear Society, the Analysis group, Vattenfall (as vice president and Head of environment), International Nuclear Safety Group (INSAG) at IAEA, and, since 2013, as Director General of the World Nuclear Association.

“Agneta has during the last year raised her voice in the Swedish nuclear debate and contributed to a more fair view of nuclear power and its impact on society and climate. Thereby she has inspired many of us in the Swedish nuclear industry and academia to fulfil our individual nuclear accomplishments”, says Carl Berglöf, president of the Swedish Nuclear Society.

Since Agneta Rising was travelling in Asia during the announcement of the prize, she asked Maria Hövling, president of the Swedish chapter of Women in Nuclear and Mattias Lantz, chairman of the Analysis group, to receive the prize in Stockholm.

- “Agneta Rising has been deeply involved in many different aspects related to nuclear power, in particular human and environmental issues”, says Lantz. “Both as a member of the Analysis group since 1987 and through her involvement in Women in Nuclear. Rising is vocal about the positive aspects of nuclear power, not the least in the light of climate change and other environmental and health issues”, continues Lantz.

Agneta Rising sent a video message to the participants at the prize ceremony in Stockholm:

- “It’s a great honour for me to get this award from the Swedish Nuclear Society”, says Agneta Rising. “Following the footsteps of the previous winners who have achieved a lot and have moved nuclear technology and nuclear energy forward and who also have built on giving trust in nuclear energy for the Swedish society”, she continued.

Agneta further commented on trust being of key importance to achieve support from governments and the public to strengthen the role of nuclear energy to fulfil the climate goals.


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